Drown Updates

We are thrilled to announce that the first shipment of Drown tactile earphones has shipped from the UK! As we mentioned in our last update, we will be shipping to you as the units arrive, with all backers and pre-orders fulfilled by the end of June.

Since we will be receiving our master cartons in batches, we have used a Random Number Generator to determine the shipping order. If you are one of the lucky ones (and I truly hope you are!) to receive one of the 200+ initial units shipped, you will be notified by our shipping partner, who will also provide tracking information.

If you don’t receive the confirmation, don’t despair. We expect to ship a second round late next week, so yours won’t be far behind! All backer units will be shipped from these first two batches, as well as pre-orders from our website.

Everyone who orders Drown will receive our Drown User Experience Guide. Designed to help you get the most out of your tactile earphones, the guide is jam-packed with product and user info designed to elevate your audio experience. We encourage you to share your Drown experience - we would love to hear your thoughts. We are especially interested in first reactions to Drown, so we’d love to see videos!

I really can’t say it enough. On behalf of the entire Drown team, thank you. Our dedication to launching this game-changing technology has been fortified by your enthusiasm and support. We appreciate you so much - and we look forward to hearing about your Drown experience!